Key Features of 2020 - Health and safety in the workplace

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Key Features of 2020 - Health and safety in the workplace


The year 2020 was marked by an unprecedented health crisis and extraordinary health security measures, especially with the implementation of lockdowns. The resulting situation led to the shutdown or significant slowdown of a large proportion of economic activity. The figures for the incidence rate and certain observations reflect this atypical situation and should therefore be treated cautiously.
Moreover, this temporary freezing of activity had a significant impact on revenues for the branch, leading to an annual deficit which it had no longer experienced in recent years.
However, the Occupational Injuries Branch acted energetically. At the instigation of the social partners, a “Covid Prevention” subsidy was proposed to companies, especially very small enterprises. It also implemented a system of recognition of Covid-19 as an occupational disease.
The branch was also able to ensure the continuity of its work with the insured and with companies by maintaining its prevention activities and proposing new offers.
The priority nature of prevention has always been asserted by the social partners. The new governance fully subscribes to this priority and plans to promote and deploy, in the future “COG” agreement, the strong ambitions of the ANI agreement of 9 December 2020 on workplace health, in order to progress further in the area of prevention and thus continue to reduce the number of work-related injuries and diseases.

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