Key Features of 2022 - Health and safety in the workplace

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Key Features of 2022 - Health and safety in the workplace


The incidence rate of accidents at work and occupational diseases has been on a downward trend for around 15 years, especially significant at the time of the 2020 health crisis. The incidence statistics for 2022 are once again lower, which can be partly explained by changing ways of working, in particular teleworking, a phenomenon which is also experienced by our German neighbours. However, this is a situation of statistical disruption that the Occupational Injuries Branch is investigating.

Less sensitive to the decline in the number of accidents and diseases in the short term, the Branch’s expenditures, on the other hand, are slightly higher, notably due to the length of the period of compensation for injuries – extending far beyond the current year, the assessment base for this compensation – directly correlated to wages, and due to financing for permanent disability benefits which are paid as a life annuity.

In 2022, the OSH Network of the Occupational Injuries Branch remained very active in injury prevention, making 39,000 visits to enterprises and worksites, 65% of which concerned enterprises with less than 50 employees, and having more than 4,000 measurements and samples taken by the chemical laboratories and physical measurement centres of our regional funds.

With regard to access to insureds’ rights, 2022 confirmed the quality of the process of recognition of accidents at work by the primary health insurance funds (CPAMs), as a result of changes made in 2019.

Lastly, online procedures continued to increase in 2022 with the support of the primary and regional health insurance funds: 80% of work accident reports are made online, and 65% of enterprises access notification of their contribution rate electronically.

Ensuring effective handling of work-related accidents and their consequences, preventing exposure to these risks and providing services to meet the needs and expectations of our users (employees and employers) will remain key features of our next objectives and management agreement ("Convention d’objectifs et de gestion" - COG), currently being prepared.

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